Silverdale Auto ll, Sellersville PA

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They are *** artists! They lie and don't stand behind their cars.

They said they were fixing a car and it ended up so rigged and welded that now our out of pocket is getting more and more. They prey on young people and they don't belong in this community! They say everyone is approved, NOT TRUE! Parents are talked into co-signing!

They stole our money for a warranty without our knowledge! They put on a good show! Please beware of this LOT!! Silverdale Auto is a rip off!

Overpriced and preditors! Watch out for them, PLEASE!!!!

Monetary Loss: $18000.

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Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, United States #1201370

Beware, you will overpay and there lied about everything, don't trust this place.

Silverdale Auto ll, Sellersville PA

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I purchased a used car. 13 days later the motor blew!

Dealer had the car for 3 months to put a rebuilt motor in. Warranty did not cover the motor. $2000.00 Warranty. The warranty money was refunded to dealer but Silverdale Auto refused to give the money back to us!!!

Motor still leaking!!

They are criminals!!! Buyer beware!!!!!!!! This is the place that gave used car salepeople bad names!

Not even BBB accredited!

No place on website to even post comments, I guess they are afraid of what people will say. I called in a police report and guess what????? The Police have heard all this before about this used car lot!!!! This is a warning OUR community!

Get out of here Silverdale Auto!!! You don't belong in a respectable community!

Monetary Loss: $16000.

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Quakertown, Pennsylvania, United States #616461

These negative comments are too nice! Silverdale Auto.....not sure what to say..............Buyer Beware!!!!!!

Don't let them suck you in!!!!!


Go to a real dealer, not a sleezy lot like this. :(

Sellersville, Pennsylvania, United States #607636

Place is a total ripoff!! Took advantage of my teenage son and sold him 2 cars.

Added his girlfriend as co-owner with absolutely NO credit whatsoever! Car is a total piece of ***, rods starting pinging within one week. Warranty is not as they stated and did not cover any of the repairs we had it in for. Sat in their parking lot for 2 weeks when we finally went up and took back and took to another repair shop.

Car has now been sitting in my driveway for months waiting for them to repo the piece of shi&t!

Do not deal with these people, nothing is true that comes out of their mouths. When I called them about it they were rude and were yelling at me over the phone.....STAY AWAY~!

to Anonymous Sellersville, Pennsylvania, United States #616456

I recommend you call in a police report to Pennridge Regional. Also, if the warranty was not what you expected, and you feel fraud was committed, then call Trooper Rodi at the Dublin police dept.

He ivestigated our complaint and considered it criminal. He did get our money back for the warranty. Guess Silverdale doesn't like going to court. The car we bought is still a piece of ***.

It has been in the shop many times and has cost us thousands.

BUT....word of mouth will protect other buyers and hopefully get rid of Silverdale Auto! ,) We know many people in the area.

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